We can help you shop for any item in the UK; online (web stores) or in stores that don’t have an online presence or in the case where an item is no longer available online but only in store. To get started, please follow these simple steps:S

Step 1: Send us a list of all the items you want to order by filling our procurement request form or simply send your shopping list, including web links/ URL and images if necessary, to

Step 2: We will review the items on your shopping list, check their availability and notify you of any changes in availability and price. Once the final shopping list is approved, we will issue an invoice for the total price of your shopping; including domestic shipping to our address along with our procurement fees.

Step 3: Once your payment has been confirmed, we will order your items and notify you when they have all been delivered.

Step 4:Let us know where you want us to send your items, pay for shipment and then look forward to receiving your goods.

Procurement Fees

  • Online shopping: 3.5% of (Total cost of your purchase + Domestic shipping fee)
  • In store/ Physical shopping: 10% of (Total cost of your purchase + Domestic shipping fee)

**£10 charge apply to all orders below £100

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