International Sea and Air Freight

When you’ve got goods to send abroad, choose between our cost effective Sea Freight packages and our super-fast Air freight options.

From barrels brimming with goodies for the family, to stuffed cars and part or full container loads; Ocean and Air logistics can handle all your needs. Why not contact us today so we can talk through your shipping needs.

You choose the destination and we’ll make sure your goods get there on time.

Speedy Air Freight

When time is of the essence, you need our international air freight service. We’ll have your packaged items in the hands of your loved ones, colleagues or customers within a matter of days.

You’ll barely have to lift a finger if you use our Door to (Airport) Office service. We’ll pick up your package from your home or office here in the UK, and then send it off to your chosen destination. We keep you regularly updated. You’ll be alerted once your items land and then again once your nominated individual has collected them from the airport.

When all you need is the plane, be it a private chartered aircraft or space for your items on a commercial flight, we can help. Get in touch if you want to learn more about our chartered cargo aircrafts.

Otherwise, our Office-to-(airport) Office might be the affordable option you need to send your items quickly. Package up your goods and then drop them off at our offices conveniently located in Luton Bedfordshire and we’ll fly them to where they need to be. Once they arrive we’ll let you know, and then again once they’ve been collected from the airport offices by your chosen individual.

We don’t impose on the size, weight or even the destination of your package, just let us know if there’s any hazardous items so we can prepare the right paperwork and smoothly glide your items through customs.

Express European Delivery

For the instances when you simply don’t have days, our next day express delivery (which covers most of Europe) guarantees your parcel hits the doormat of your designated address by the next working day.

International Sea Freight

We offer a range of competitively priced services to ship your goods to wherever you need them to be. 

LCL Less-Than-Container-Load

If you’ve got a lot to send, but not quite enough to fill a 20” container, you’ll need our LCL (Less than a container load) package. This is ideal for when you’ve shopped a little harder than you thought you were capable of and excess luggage simply isn’t an option. Then again perhaps you’ve got bulky items to send: dishwasher, chest of drawers, TV etc. and try as you might, you just can’t fit all your shopping into the allocated suitcase allowances. Don’t spend more than you need to, simply measure up your goods and we’ll ship them with our next full container.

FCL (Full Container Load – 20” or 40” boxes)

This option is ideal for sending large volumes, large or bulky items. Whether it’s stock for your retail stores, materials for a building project or homewares such as wardrobes or 3 piece sofa suite .

Seeing as you’ve half filled a 40” container, you’ve decided to surprise the Mrs and use the rest of the space to send her that new car she’s had her eye on, and of course the pool table you’ve had your eye on.

We’ve got the space so you can go right ahead and fill it with any number of combinations e.g. use part of the container to ship a vehicle and then the rest to for personal effects. When you’re shipping a private Full container load, you get to enjoy complete unrestricted freedom.

International Vehicle Shipping

Business or pleasure? You don’t have to choose when you can send either type of vehicle to wherever you need it to be while enjoying the same high level of security, care and professionalism. Our RO/RO (Roll On/Roll off) service is perfect for shipping cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles such as large machinery (excavators, tractors etc.), armoured trucks and even quad bikes.

Enjoy the added security that comes with having the perfect sized container transporting your vehicle. We’re here to help make sure you’re complying with the various rules and regulations.

Make sure you take advantage of the spaces inside your vehicle, filling it with personal items, spare parts or paperwork, just make sure that:

  • An inspection can be safely carried out on any part of the vehicle (inside or out).
  • Any items inside or on your vehicle are not only sea worthy, but have been securely stowed/stacked or lashed.
  • Don’t overload your vehicle. All vehicles must remain within their legal plated weight limits.
  • No illegal (arms/ammunitions etc.), environmentally restricted or hazardous items are stored in or on the vehicle. 

Fill out your booking today and let us get to shipping. 

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