Vehicles shipped from Tilbury port can once again be loaded

We are pleased to be able to advise that with immediate effect Grimaldi WILL accept again loading of personal effects and spare parts in and on Units as long as this cargo is visible and verifiable in a safe manner.

To summaries.  All cargo must firstly comply with our general modalities which are available online relating to stacking, lashing, securing and the general profile requirements for units presented for export. 

With regards to cargo loaded within and on units, this will once again be accepted as long as it is loaded in line with general terms of the modalities and taking into account the following: 

personal effects /spare parts inside cars, small vans, big vans and truck/trailers provided : 
 –        they can be visually inspected (meaning that loading compartment must be accessible ) 
 –        inspection can be done in safe manner

–        all stacked /stuffed items need to be seaworthy stowed/stacked and lashed/secured (see additional points below*) 
We remind all shippers that they will be rejected if goods found on or in RORO units are: 

·        Hazardous in nature,  e.g. fuels/lubricants/flammable goods/paints/batteries…..etc

·        Illegal items (arms/ammunition /etc… )

·        Environmentally prohibited items related to both export and import countries

·        Perishable items

·        Dirty and leaking oil or other liquids

Tankers/Trailer must have valid and verified Gas free/ Cleaning certificates, and the weight of the unit is in line with the unladed plated weight of the unit. 

Please be aware that Grimaldi’s modalities will be strictly enforced, any previous leniency in regards to 3 tier stacking and heights etc., will no longer be allowed.   The decision of the Grimaldi Port Captain will be final. 

*We remind all shippers that no weight tolerance is allowed, and all units must be within their plated weight / axle limits 
*Cargo stacked on trucks / trailers must remain within the plated weight of the base vehicle as well in the case of a third-tier unit, the carrying unit. 
*No cargo loaded on trucks/ trailers can be loaded on compressible items, all cargo must be loaded in profile and on designed load bearing points. No cargo can over hang or rest on the Drivers cabin.

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