Use Cheap International Shipping To Travel Light Over The Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I could’ve sworn April was only last week! The sun was playing peek a boo from behind the clouds and I was thinking about cutting down on the donuts and hitting the gym for summer.

I blinked and here I am comparing airfare prices for the Christmas holiday to Nigeria. Only this year I refuse to get bogged down with the battle of the bulging suitcase at check in. Thank the lords for global shipping to Nigeria, because I plan on travelling light!

Year after year it’s the same scene at check-in, a frazzled aunty or uncle unpacking from one suitcase only to shove stocks and supplies into another bag or case before dancing over to the scales. ‘Mba it won’t fit, remove the belts, uncle so and so can just use rope – the biscuits? Leave them, you want mama to flog me when she doesn’t see her custard creams and digestives? Na lie, I will not die this holiday!’

And so the eloquent charade goes. I know my Naija family aren’t alone when it comes to doing the suitcase shuffle. I’ve seen it happen all over Heathrow’s terminals. Like I said earlier, this year I bluntly refuse. Thanks to cheap international shipping I’m travelling light and breezy. I’ve written all my lists, checked them twice and packed my load ready for the couriers to collect.

Worldwide Shipping Takes Means No Stress At Check In

Cheaper than the stress of sweating over the price of excess luggage and with perks that are priceless, I’m already looking forward to strutting from the cab to the check-in desk. With shipping to Nigeria being so cheap and cheerful, there’ll be no humping a trolley that’s heavier than a small elephant.

I’ve chosen my collection date knowing that all the family’s cases and goods for the end of year vacation will be wrapped, shipped and delivered using the kind of insurance that I can relax with on the other side. Now all I need to do is figure out which credit card will be left malnourished after I hit Duty Free!

Get in touch with B-Line Logistics and see if they can’t lighten your load this holiday season.

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