Shop and Ship Your culinary Cargo To Nigeria & The Rest Of The World

You know when Sunday lunch has been done the way grandma used to because you’ve got to loosen your belt and lay your head down for a power nap or three. There’s no slacking on the seasoning and extra trimmings mind, because the moment you do it’s frowns all around and hands reaching for snacks within the hour.Living abroad might mean there are less eager mouths to feed but don’t relax too much, get the ingredients wrong and you’ll be blubbering for home before you know it.

Whatever corner of the planet you happen to be tucked up in, cheap international shipping means you can have all your seasoning, canned beans, tinned fruit, cereals and condensed milk dropped off at the mansion. Get lips slapping over a batch of your signature pineapple and coconut punch after they’ve mopped the stew off their chins.

Keeping Dessert Fruity

You can try a local store’s version of ice cream but blending cold coconut milk is how you make the flavour finger licking good. Slice and dice the melons, mangoes and strawberries, throw in the kiwis and grapes then dollop your home made ice cream all over that mouth watering sensation.
If you were thinking you were done, you can think again. Sprinkle some chopped nuts and desiccated coconut over the top, making sure napkins are at the ready and dessert is served.

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for when you head into the kitchen to cook up every feast and midnight snack every Sunday. With global shipping you can browse the shelves of your favourite grocery store and have Ocean & Air Logistics shop and ship your culinary cargo to Nigeria or wherever you happen to be.

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