Shipping from the UK to the Caribbean Islands

Living on some of the Caribbean Islands can make getting your hands on certain things a little bit of an expensive challenge. Once you’ve tried cheap international shipping, you’ll see that you just can’t beat a packed barrel of treats coming from, or with a London based loved one.

Shop and Ship Your Favourites Foods And Clothes
Whether it’s your favourite foodstuffs from Asdas, Sainsbury’s or Tescos, or a bundle of great quality pre-loved baby clothes for your little sister.
With cheap international shipping to Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago to name but a few, you can load up your barrel with everything from baby formula and nappies, to tea, tools and clothes.

As long as you don’t fill it up with so many expensive designer items and electrical goods that it looks like you’re about to start up your own shop, you’ll be breezing through the tax checkpoints. If you do plan on selling some of the items however, then as long as you’re willing to cover the tax charges, you’re good to go.

Have Your Creature Comforts To Hand With Caribbean Shipping

Ocean & Air Logistics global shipping prices to the likes of Antigua, Grenada or any of the other islands are so affordable that sending barrels ahead of your vacation simply makes sense. Can’t live without your cup of Douwe Egberts in the morning, or the thought of using someone else’s sheets brings you out in hives and makes you itch? Guarantee your creature comforts are to hand when you and the family are on vacation by having the packed barrel meet you at the other side.

Send smiles to a loved one or look forward to sipping your favourite blend while admiring the sunset from grandma’s veranda. When the squeals and shouts of your kids, nieces and nephews arguing over who gets the last Quality Street or Miniature Hero is your soundtrack, you’ll be happy that you made the effort to create the perfect home away from home.

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