Shipping from the UK to Nigeria

Have You Got Any Idea on How to ship a Car from UK to Nigeria?
Exporting a car to Nigeria from UK or any other country is a complicated process. The import procedures in Nigeria require a permit for importing a car or any other vehicle to Nigeria.

Laws and the rules can change any time. For example, a law requiring all imports and exports to have a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) was introduced in late 2010 and it was withdrawn in 2011. Earlier cars more than 10 years old were not allowed to be imported to Nigeria. But now, the limit has been revised to 15 years and a car manufactured in 1999 can be imported. It is advisable to check the most recent rules in Nigeria regarding the car imports, before you ship a car to Nigeria.

Ocean & Air Logistics is a well established logistic service provider with special experience in handling cargo or procurement for Nigerian clients. Here is some information that can help anybody to make decisions when shipping a car to Nigeria.

Container or Ro-Ro?

You can ship your car in a container or in a Ro-Ro (Roll on- Roll off) ship. In a 20ft container only one car can be sent. A 40ft container can hold two or three cars depending on their sizes. Cars are well strapped inside the container and you can send your personal stuff too in the container.

If you are sending two or three cars you may consider a 40-footer or two people can send their cars in one container. Sometimes this may be arranged by the agent. Sending a car in a container is more expensive than sending in a Ro-Ro ship. But it offers safety from stripping of parts such as lamps, badges, spare wheels, tools and stereos etc.

It also prevents the damages like denting and bruising during driving into and out of the ship. Ro-Ro ships are specially designed to carry vehicles. They have holds like big parking lots and facilities such as stars clasps and clamps etc. to secure the cars to the deck. Sending in a Ro-Ro ship is the cheapest way to send a car to Nigeria.


The insurance charges for sending a car in a Ro-Ro ship are more than for sending in a container. Ensure that the insurance covers the risks from the time of handing over to the shipper to taking over by the consignee. Don’t forget taking several photos from different angles including photos of the dash board showing the extra equipment fixed. These will help when making a claim if the necessity arises.

Import Documents

Check whether all the import documents required by Nigeria Customs, such as the letter of authority from the Bureau of Standards in Africa the import permit and from ITAC, are available.

A More Reliable and Easy Way

Easiest way to ship a car to Nigeria is to handover the job to a logistics company that offers total solutions. An experienced logistics provider like B Line Logistics can take off whole burden from your shoulders.

We will attend to all the necessary things and you’ll find it is easy, cheaper and free of risks. B-Line Logistics offers many services in the logistics sector and specialists in door to door delivery of any type of cargo from personal effects to large consignments of commercial goods by from any place to any corner of the planet. Whether it is by sea freight, by air or by land B.line can arrange your cargo to be shipped at the lowest prices.

Our Exclusive Nigeria Services provides a total logistic solution to clients dealing with cargo to and fro from Nigeria. Nothing is too small or too big for B Line as they consider the customer’ requirements as their top priority. You can check out the B Line Facebook page and stay updated on various offers and news.

We have experience in moving big sized cargo like monstrous machinery and trucks and other hardware as well as small items such as letters, documents and parcels.

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