How To Send A Shipment To Nigeria Loaded With Love

When you’ve seen as many happy clients through the business of shipping precious cargo from wherever they are in the world back to Nigeria, you become a bit of an expert at easing their stresses. Chances are you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day present in mind for your loved one, all you have do now is get it to them. Perhaps it’s a 55 inch 4k TV that will look great in their front room, or you want to make them feel sweet by handing them the keys to their brand new Toyota Camry, or is it a Honda Civic that they’ve been eyeing?

How good are you at keeping secrets? We only ask because when it comes to sending a shipment to your loved ones abroad, surprise gifts are usually out of the question. Not with our door to door service.

Now that you’re ready to send that stunning cinema experience complete with surround sound, or leather trimmed set of wheels; you’re going to want to know that things are where they’re supposed to be at every stage. With up to the minute cargo tracking at your finger tips, you can relax until it’s time to reveal the surprise.

We’ll collect your well packed shipment from your chosen address and one of our friendly staff personally deliver it. You won’t have to breathe a word of your Valentines Day gift to anyone.

The best moment of course has been saved for last. Send them a hidden meaning message – ‘Go buy some popcorn’ or ‘Have you got petrol money?’ will work perfectly and wait for their confused re-ply, swiftly followed by happy clapping and maybe even squeals of joy as they sign for their pre-sent sent with love.

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